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Use our Most Important Number and Driver (MIND) Methodology™ to help improve the value of your business so you can sell it for the highest multiple possible.

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Our investment thesis

We put our time and energy into teams that we truly believe can create value and grow impactfully.

We look for teams who:

Lee sold his previous business for 9-figures

“We help founders position their company to consistently create the most value at any given point in time so if you ever choose to sell it, you will earn the highest multiple possible.”

Lee Benson 
Founder, CEO of ETW


How we help

We invest in win-win opportunities by providing strategic value for a minority stake. 

Investment range

We invest initial checks between high-5 and mid-6 figures, depending on the stage and current cap table. We are looking for a minority stake in which the company’s operators remain fully engaged and incentivized to win big.

Investment stage

We invest when we see a win-win opportunity for us to help accelerate value creation with a company’s leadership team over the next 3 to 5 years and improve their—and our—equity stake.

Strategic value, not just finance

We don’t just write a check and get out of the way. We are strategic enablers who help accelerate a senior leadership’s team ability to focus on the right work and accelerate value creation.

A letter from our our founder

With more than 25 years of experience as a CEO, I understand the challenging tensions that exist between putting people first while remaining focused on performance. I owned and led Able Aerospace – a company we grew from 3 to 500 employees with 15 consecutive years of 20% compounded average annual growth. 

After I sold this business for 9-figures to Textron Aviation, I committed to helping other leaders achieve results as my next venture. I began ETW, where I now help teams work better together by improving what’s most important for their organization. My main focus is to help leaders develop an intentional culture through leadership development. 

Through this work, my team and I have created a unique methodology called MIND (Most Important Number and Drivers), where we help uncover the most important number for your team to achieve and the work that drives that number. 

We came across a handful of businesses that wanted our help but didn’t have the upfront cash to engage our team. Some of these teams were already creating value and we knew that implementing our methodology could create a win-win opportunity for both them and us. Our first few investments are already seeing major results in terms of growth and profitability, and we’re looking to further our impact. Could your team be next?

Trusted by exceptional teams

Jeff Dodge

General Manager

I would say the most valuable thing ETW has done for us is actively engage ALL of our employees in really understanding what is most important to moving Timney forward. If we hadn’t started working with them when we did, we would not have been effective at leveraging the economic conditions and growth we’re experiencing.

Travis Heriaud

Owner, AGK Restaurants

We brought on ETW before COVID-19. We were already an above-market performer, but when COVID hit, we outperformed the market by over 10%.

Nate Lowrie


We started using the ETW methodology in our team meetings and it has trickled down into every conversation we have. Without it, we certainly wouldn’t have had the ability to continue to run things as well as we were before COVID-19.

Endorsed by Jack Welch, Fortune's "Manager of the Century"

“This is the best business management system I have ever seen.”

Jack Welch, former Chairman and CEO of General Electric

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